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3-Must See Quotes From Peloton's Earnings Call

Management says there are good reasons behind some fiscal fourth-quarter metrics that may have spooked investors.

Interest rates

Will REITs Drop When Interest Rates Rise?

Higher interest rates can be a negative for REITs, but there's more to the story.

RH furniture scene

Here's Why the Market Loved Q2 Results From RH

And here are two other things to get excited about looking ahead.


Why Investors Were Excited Even Though Airline Stocks Lowered Guidance

Airlines say the delta variant of the coronavirus is going to negatively hit their financial results, but stocks were up anyway.

Retirement savings 2

Here's Why REITs Make Such Great Retirement Investments

The unique tax structure of REITs make them ideal for retirement accounts.


Here's Why the Market Loved Lululemon's Q2 Results

No one expected the company to do this good.

Buy Sell Stock Market Rolling Dice Getty

2 FAANG Stocks to Buy and 1 to Avoid in the Fourth Quarter

Among Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (formerly Google), there are two clear-cut buys and one popular stock to steer clear of.

investor analyzes data on computer and prinout

How to Value Stocks With the Market Near All-Time Highs

Investors have to balance valid backward-looking metrics with forward opportunities.

person looks at phone in airport

Why Delta Might Be the Best Airline Stock to Buy Right Now

You would never know it if you just looked at the stock price.

Money falling2

Could This Stock Be a 10-Bagger for Patient Investors?

There's a ton of execution risk, but this real estate stock could be a home run if things go well.


Can You Lose Your Social Security Over Delinquent Debt?

Here's what you need to know to protect your Social Security from creditors.

Cash Money Bills Clock Invest Retire Long-Term Getty

Got $25,000? These 5 Stocks Can Double Your Money in 5 Years

Patience is often handsomely rewarded when investors buy stakes in top-tier companies.

two people appear happy about what they see on a compueter

4 Important Valuation Metrics All Investors Need to Know

And how to use them.

yoga class includes amputee

Here's Why Peloton Investors Should Consider Lululemon Stock

This lifestyle brand is capitalizing on fitness trends pushed forward by Peloton, but it has plenty of other product lines as well.

real estate development

Could This Unusual Real Estate Stock Be a Home Run for Patient Investors?

This real estate company has a unique business model that could produce excellent long-term returns.

Office building real estate

REITs 101: Investing in Commercial Real Estate Through Stocks

Want to own an office building? An apartment complex? Here's how to do it.

Financial Newspaper Dollar Sign Stock Quotes Invest Getty

3 Stocks That Have Made Investors Money in 18 of the Past 20 Years

No stock goes up every single year -- but this trio is awfully close.

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The Smartest Stocks To Buy With $1,000 Right Now

They’re bringing in billions of dollars in revenue -- and that’s set to continue.

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills Cash Money Stimulus Invest Retire Getty

I'm Sitting on a Record Amount of Cash: Here Are 5 Stocks I'm Looking to Buy

This diverse mix of growth and income stocks may soon be ripe for the picking.

Woman researching a stock while on the phone.

2 Newly Public Stocks That Are Worthy of Going on Your Watch List

These two companies are showing strong growth and adoption in a world with many companies going public through IPOs, SPACs, or direct listings.