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3 Great Reasons to Take Social Security Benefits at 62

Do any of them apply to you?

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Done With Taxes in 2020? 3 Steps to Make Next Year's Easier

The actions you take right now will simplify your life next year.

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Social Security's Judgment Day May Be Only 12 Years Away

Time is running out for lawmakers to effectively resolve Social Security's funding shortfall.

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You Can Buy Amazon Stock for $5 or Less -- Here's How

Anyone can buy in, even without $2,400 or more to purchase a share.

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Still Working on Your Taxes? 4 Steps to Lessen the Burden

Don't make filing your 1040 forms more difficult than necessary.

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How to Start Investing for the First Time During the COVID-19 Crisis

New to investing? Here's how to get started at a time when the market may be subject to intense swings.

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10 Ways COVID-19 Will Affect Social Security

The coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on the nation's most important social program.

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36% of Americans Plan to Buy Life Insurance in the Next 12 Months. Here's Why You Should Do the Same

Now's the time to secure financial protection for your loved ones.

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21% of Workers Are Making This Dangerous Move During COVID-19

If you do the same, you might sorely regret it later on.

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There's a Surefire Way to Fix Social Security, so Why Haven't We Implemented It?

Making this simple change would mean no need for benefit cuts until 2094.

[REPEATABLE] Better Buy: Tellurian vs. Cheniere Energy

One is the biggest pure-play LNG exporter in North America, and is making money today. The other has a very uncertain future, but could deliver immense gains if it can survive.

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25% of Seniors May Need to Come Out of Retirement Due to COVID-19

Talk about a jarring turn of events.

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Tempted to Cash Out Investments During COVID-19? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

Thinking of selling some stocks? Make sure that's really the right move.

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3 Cannabis Stocks to Avoid Like the Plague in June

These marijuana stocks are unlikely to have pot stock investors seeing green.

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Is Berkshire Hathaway a Buy While It's Down?

Investors seem to be losing faith in the Oracle of Omaha.

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3 ETFs Perfect for Your IRA

Here's how you can achieve excellent long-term returns without picking individual stocks.

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Unemployed Due to COVID-19? Here's How it Could Impact Your Social Security Benefits

Unemployment isn't necessarily just a short-term problem; it could hurt a major retirement income stream, too.


Buffett's Portfolio Hasn't Done This in 4 Years, Until Now

Are we witnessing a changing of the guard in the Oracle of Omaha's investment portfolio?

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3 Top E-Commerce Stocks to Buy in June

While Amazon is the most obvious choice, there are other potentially more lucrative ways to play the online shopping boom around the globe.

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3 Top Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy in June

This trio of clean energy producers offer investors an attractive combination of growth and income.