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5 Reasons Not to Worry About Another Stock Market Crash

Short-term speculators have every reason to fear another stock market crash, but true investors should embrace it.

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Here's the Average Social Security Benefit in 2021

Social Security beneficiaries can expect their monthly payouts to increase in January.

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3 Reasons Not to Worry About a Stock Market Crash After the Election

Concerned about the market tanking this November? Here's why you shouldn't be.

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Social Security's 2021 COLA Could More Than Double -- Here's How

Forget a 1.3% COLA! Two lawmakers want to more than double next years' pay raise for Social Security beneficiaries.

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Social Security: Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

A breakdown of the candidates' proposals on Social Security, along with what does and doesn't work with each approach.

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4 Buffett Stocks That Can Be Surefire Winners Over the Next Decade

The Oracle of Omaha has a knack for picking out great companies.

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The 3 Best Ages to Claim Social Security Benefits

The age you claim will have a major impact on your retirement, so it's crucial to choose wisely.

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3 Stocks Robinhood Investors Should Give Up On

These companies are a terrible place for millennial investors to be putting their hard-earned money to work.

Joe Biden White House Photo by Sharon Farmer

3 Sectors That Can Thrive if Joe Biden's Tax Hike Becomes Law

Biden's proposal to increase the peak corporate tax rate to 28% isn't necessarily bad news.

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Higher Earners Will Pay More Social Security Tax in 2021

The wage cap for Social Security purposes is increasing next year. Here's what it means for your paycheck.

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Got $10,000? 3 Surefire Winners to Hold for 20 Years

These innovative companies have the tools to make long-term investors rich.

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3 Great Stocks for Low-Risk Investors

These well-known companies can provide a great mix of growth and dividends.

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Boston Beer Earnings: What to Watch

Investors have some big questions heading into Thursday's report.


Is Moderna Stock a Buy at This Price?

Here's what it takes to justify the current valuation.


Tesla Earnings: What to Watch

Analysts expect soaring profits and investors are hoping for big guidance. Can the electric-car company deliver?


Buy Logitech Stock Before Everybody Else Does

Logitech survived Apple's iPhone event, and now it's absolutely thriving.

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European Data Regulators Are Looking Into Instagram Now

Some younger Instagram users were converting their accounts to business accounts, compromising their contact information in the process.

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The Google-Fitbit Deal Might Face Another Regulatory Hurdle to Clear

Antitrust regulators in Japan are now looking at the proposed acquisition.

Apple_iphone12pro-stainless-steel-gold_10132020 cropped

2 Good Signs for Apple's iPhone 12

The more expensive Pro model is seeing higher demand than expected, and overall pre-order volumes are up.


Should You Wait Until After the Election to Buy Carnival?

Rock the vote. Rock the boat. Let's see how the largest cruise line operator will fare under Trump and Biden.