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2 Reasons Why Surging COVID-19 Cases Are Bad for Social Security

COVID-19 is exploding throughout the U.S., and that could impact Social Security in a very substantial way.

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What Happens if I Owe Money on My Taxes but Don’t Pay?

You can't just ignore an outstanding tax bill. If you do, the consequences could be dire.

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The First Pot Stock to Hit $1 Billion in Annual Sales Will Be...?

Three cannabis stocks have a shot at the psychological $1 billion sales mark in either 2021 or 2022.


2 Stocks Warren Buffett May Buy Next

These consistently great businesses would be a perfect fit for Berkshire Hathaway.

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3 Great Reasons To Take Social Security Benefits at 62

Claiming benefits at 62 will result in an automatic reduction in monthly Social Security income. Here's why it's a smart move nonetheless.

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Why Netflix Might Abandon Its Conservative Growth Outlook on Thursday

Another blowout quarter for membership gains might convince management to change its tune on growth.

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3 Smart Stocks to Invest $300 Into Right Now

A small amount of money can go a long way when you're buying great companies.

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Survey Shows That Pre-Retirees Don't Know 3 Important Social Security Facts

What you don't know could hurt you by reducing your benefits.

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Is MGM Stock a Buy?

The answer depends on how the U.S. recovers from COVID-19.


Where Will Nokia Be in 5 Years?

The Finnish telecom equipment maker will face fierce headwinds in the 5G market.

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Social Security's Trust Funds Could Be Drained in Just Over 10 Years

That's bad news for current and future beneficiaries alike.

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Is NVIDIA Stock Worth Buying Right Now?

The graphics specialist is expensive right now, but it could justify a rich valuation.

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JetBlue Finally Abandons Long Beach, California

After struggling for years in its smallest focus city, JetBlue is ending operations in Long Beach in October while laying the groundwork for an ambitious growth plan at Los Angeles International Airport.

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Domino's Earnings: What to Watch

The pizza giant's sales likely soared in the fiscal second quarter.

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Better Cannabis Play: GW Pharmaceuticals vs. Innovative Industrial Properties

Here's how the leading cannabinoid-focused biotech stacks up against the top cannabis-focused REIT.

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3 Dividend Investing Tips That Could Earn You Thousands

Knowing the ins-and-outs of dividend-paying stocks can add up over time.

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Are You Forgetting About This Powerful Retirement Savings Tool?

It never hurts to go into retirement with extra savings, and this tool can help you do just that.

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Collecting Unemployment? Take Note of This Important Change That Could Impact Your Benefits

Collecting benefits won't be as easy for some people going forward.

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Still Waiting for Your 2019 Tax Refund? You May Be Surprised Your Check Is a Little Bigger Than Expected

The IRS has made an announcement that entitles you to extra money.

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Could Buying Inovio Pharmaceuticals Stock Make You Rich?

The biotech stock has been a winner so far this year. But can Inovio's momentum continue?