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Will Johnson & Johnson Win Authorization for Its COVID-19 Booster?

It's highly likely.


Could This Business-Model Tweak Create a Better Social Media Investment Than Facebook?

Advertising is great. This could be even better.


3 Top Retail Stocks Set to Beat the Holiday Supply Chain Crunch

They'll stuff plenty of stockings -- and possibly lift your portfolio.


Life Hacks the Rule Breaker Investing Way

Sometimes a few little tweaks in your daily routine can improve your life dramatically.

Man Worried About Sinking Stock Market Chart Getty

The Safest Stocks to Buy if There's a Stock Market Crash

This stock trio is perfectly positioned to help investors navigate a possible downturn.

retired couple looking at financial paperwork

This Social Security Benefit Increase Will Be Harder to Earn Next Year

Future retirees will be eligible for a smaller increase in retirement benefits.

social security cards_GettyImages-481764950

Social Security's 5.9% Raise Isn't All Good News

Next year, seniors will get their largest raise in decades. But that's actually a mixed bag.

Is This Beaten Down Biotech a Bad News Buy?

Rare disease fighter Sarepta Therapeutics has trailed the market both year to date and over the last five years -- but with a promising gene therapy in its pipeline is it worth another look?


Here Are My Top Growth Stocks to Buy in October

Now's the time to add these fundamentally strong growth stocks to your portfolio.


Amazon Earnings: What to Watch

Amazon is scheduled to report third-quarter earnings on Oct. 27.

A person looking at a phone and people crossing the street.

Here's Why UP Fintech Stock Plummeted This Week

After some volatile swings, UP Fintech stock is now roughly flat across 2021's trading.


Starbucks Earnings: What to Watch

Starbucks is set to report fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, Oct. 28.


Southwest Hits Turbulence; James Bond Is Back in Theaters

A look at stock market news.

social security benefits application

This Is How Much Most People Are Actually Earning From Social Security

You can't count on the average monthly benefit check to be the amount you'll be receiving.


Is Now a Good Time to Buy Ocugen?

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this biotech's prospects.

Three people using laptop computers in a coffee shop

Why Crowdstrike Holdings Was Up 11.5% This Week

A bunch of new product releases could open more doors to this security software leader.


Why Cloudflare Stock Soared This Week

The growth stock continued its bullish run.

Bitcoin - GettyImages-899313350

Why Bitcoin Surged Above $60,000 Today

An exchange-traded fund built to track the cryptocurrency could begin trading soon.

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Are You Missing Out on This Top-Tier Retirement Savings Opportunity?

Here's a chance to maximize your retirement savings.


Domino's Growth Steak Ends in the U.S

The worldwide pizza company is finally showing signs of a slowdown after surging since the pandemic onset.