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Amazon Earnings: What to Watch

Amazon is scheduled to report third-quarter earnings on Oct. 27.

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Here's Why UP Fintech Stock Plummeted This Week

After some volatile swings, UP Fintech stock is now roughly flat across 2021's trading.


Starbucks Earnings: What to Watch

Starbucks is set to report fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, Oct. 28.


Southwest Hits Turbulence; James Bond Is Back in Theaters

A look at stock market news.

social security benefits application

This Is How Much Most People Are Actually Earning From Social Security

You can't count on the average monthly benefit check to be the amount you'll be receiving.


Is Now a Good Time to Buy Ocugen?

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this biotech's prospects.

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Why Crowdstrike Holdings Was Up 11.5% This Week

A bunch of new product releases could open more doors to this security software leader.


Why Cloudflare Stock Soared This Week

The growth stock continued its bullish run.

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Why Bitcoin Surged Above $60,000 Today

An exchange-traded fund built to track the cryptocurrency could begin trading soon.

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Are You Missing Out on This Top-Tier Retirement Savings Opportunity?

Here's a chance to maximize your retirement savings.


Domino's Growth Steak Ends in the U.S

The worldwide pizza company is finally showing signs of a slowdown after surging since the pandemic onset.

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Why Shares of Elastic Were Up 10.7% This Week

A slew of new product integrations and another acquisition had investors feeling bullish.

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Why Shares of XP Soared on Friday

An analyst upgrades his recommendation on the stock to the equivalent of a buy.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Why EV Stocks Are Looking Like They're In a Bubble

EV stocks are being valued as if they have a lot of profitable growth ahead, but the auto industry has proven to be a poor place to make money over the last century.

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Why Standard Lithium Stock Glowed Green Today

Rising lithium prices and positive news flow combine to produce a banner week for Standard Lithium.

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Why Corsair Gaming Tumbled by 8% Today

Two analysts have become less optimistic on the stock.

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After Outstanding Q2 Results, This Pot Stock Is Ready to Bloom

The dip in cannabis stocks isn't a reason for investors to give up on the industry altogether.

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4 Reasons to Like Bank of America's Recent Earnings Results

Bank of America shares rose nearly 5% after it reported third-quarter earnings on Oct. 14.


Why Tesla Stock Jumped on Friday

Legacy automakers can't keep up with the electric-car manufacturer, according to one analyst.


Why Amazon Stock Popped Today

The retail consumer may be stronger than many investors expected.