We all want to feel like we're getting a deal. We coupon, we look for discount codes, and we wait for Labor Day to head to the car dealership or the mattress store.

We do it as consumers and as investors -- with stocks we hunt for bargains, hoping to recognize an absurd value before the rest of the market catches on and shares rocket up.

Some people turn to penny stocks or look for the stocks under $5 or $10 hoping to make some easy money. But that's actually one of the most destructive ways to invest.

In this video from our YouTube channel, we break down the difference between stock price and valuation and explain why seemingly expensive stocks (based on price) can actually be "cheap" stocks. We also explain the huge mistake of fixating on share price, or even focusing on just low P/E stocks if you're trying to follow the tenets of value investing. Plus, we give you some cheap stocks for your watch list!


A full transcript will be posted after the broadcast finishes.