In this video, I will talk about why Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) will have an even better year in 2022. The company and stock have been on fire throughout 2021 but next year is really when the fun starts. You can find the video below, but here are some highlights.

  • According to Nikkei, the global supply of chips has risen for the first time in nine months at leading suppliers. With demand still sky-high, the short-term situation is still unclear, but that certainly does bode well for the long term.
  • Elon Musk sent the typical end-of-quarter email, but this time he said that the focus over the next few weeks "should be on minimizing the cost of deliveries." That could mean a higher return on invested capital (ROIC) in the future.  
  • The lack of emphasis on the end of the quarter is crucial here. Investors are not what the business is about. Thinking quarter to quarter is the biggest mistake a long-term-oriented business can make. It kills innovation and burns out employees.
  • Giga Berlin is rumored to be getting the green light soon, but Tesla expects Gigafactory Berlin to contribute more than 30,000 vehicles to Tesla's production during the first half of 2022.
  • Giga Texas will probably follow soon after, and with both factories ramping up production next year, Tesla will finally have a factory in each of its biggest markets.
  • PepsiCo is expected to take delivery of Tesla electric trucks in the fourth quarter, way ahead of schedule. 
  • The Tesla Semi-Truck and Cybertruck (which has over 1 million pre-orders) are both expected to start production in late 2022 after the ramp-up of the Model Y in both Berlin and Austin. 

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*Stock prices used were the closing prices of Nov. 29, 2021. The video was published on Nov. 30, 2021.

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