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18_03_06 A container ship at sea _GettyImages-529653893

Why Matson, Inc. Stock Rocketed 40% on July 10

The transportation provider gave an update that got investors excited about the future.


Why Shares of Tesla Jumped Friday Afternoon

The monster stock just keeps surging higher. Here's what's behind its latest move.

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Why WiMi Hologram Cloud Stock Absolutely Soared Today

The hologram market might be set to soar, but does this company actually make money from hologram hardware?

Natural Gas Truck On The Road

Why Shares of Clean Energy Fuels Plunged 12.3% on Friday

What goes up must come down.

hand arranging wood blocks with arrows pointing up

Lemonade Stock Rises as Investors Keep Betting on This Company

There's plenty here to like, but it's important to assess the risks without getting caught up in the emotion of seeing the stock climb higher.

Casino Floor

Why Everi Holdings' Shares Popped 27.5% on Friday

A big upgrade sent shares higher today.

A kid's line tracing exercise showing four rockets with zig zag flight paths

Why Virgin Galactic Stock Dropped 6% This Morning

And why it gained it all back -- and then lost it again.


Why Zynex Stock Is Up Today

The company expects strong second-quarter financial results.

Stock chart going up

Why Greenbrier Companies Shares Are Surging Today

The railcar manufacturer's results weren't nearly as bad as expected.

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Why Camping World Is Soaring 15% Today

The RV retailer has been one of the biggest share gainers since the pandemic began.

man in white dress shirt looking at chart and putting his hands on his head -- stock broker loss bear market crash

Here's Why Beyond Meat Stock Was Falling Today

Are plant-based meats just a fad?

16_06_06 A pile of gold with a mining pick on top _GettyImages-186097152

Why Northern Dynasty Limited Stock Fell 12% at the Open on July 10

After a very good run, the stock plummeted when the would-be miner tried to take advantage of the gains.


Here's Why Fastly's Shares Are Falling Today

Investors were quick to react to the company's stock being downgraded.

Getty Funny Man Punched With Fist

Why Discovery Inc. Shares Have Plunged More Than 35% So Far in 2020

It's all about the streaming... or the lack thereof.


Why Shares of Comcast Stumbled 13.3% in the First Half of 2020

The communications and media conglomerate fell hard as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and headwinds in cable TV.

Getty Gas Pump With Hand

Why This Top Oil Stock Crashed 35.5% in the First Half of 2020

Even strong oil refiners can't win in this environment.

Getty Oil Spill Sad Man

Why ConocoPhillips Stock Plummeted in the First Half of 2020

Black gold lost its luster in March.

Getty Rocket Car Steering Wheel Man

Why Progressive Stock Rose 10.7% in the First Half of 2020

The company was in the right place at the right time.

Getty Investment Line Going Up

Why Shares of This 5G Tech Company Have Crushed the Market So Far in 2020

Lasers aren't just for tag.


Why Shares of Moody's Rose 15.7% in the First Half of the Year

The debt ratings agency delivered strong results and delivered better-than-feared full-year guidance.